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At the beginning of the year 2019, it was agreed to design  a website for the European Company for Agricultural Development to be as a store in which all the company’s products are displayed, which focus on agricultural development products such as fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, tonic, and everything related to agriculture.

The European Group Company is distinguished by the quality of its products because it imports the best and most famous international brands in the field of fertilizers and agricultural development – and indeed, a meeting was held with the company’s work team to prepare the basic division of the website design and the names of departments and basic classifications of products

The first phase of the site was launched in March 2019, where it was developed more than once, so that all products are displayed in a neat and clear way to the visitor – the website design was tested on the mobile and its download speed and protection testing – as it was officially launched in April 2019 – and we have observed that website design is elegant and attractive, and serves the visitor in the content that he is looking for, as we have taken into consideration that the main page includes a display of all sections of website and provide a search box and the appearance of lists in the basic classification of  website, for easy access to the required content or product.

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